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BASF petrochemical project in Chongqin

Issued at:2013-07-25      Views:6981   


Project Name: BASF petrochemical project in Chongqin


Project place: Chongqin Sichuan

Product: hot-dip galvanized metal plank




BASF, rated by “treasure” as the most appreciated petrochemical company, is the biggest petrochemical company in the world and rank second in the competition of all company in Germany.


BASF have resources of coal, oil and natural gas itself. Much products are refined from crude oil and natural gas. BASF’s subsidiary company Wintershall AG explore, exploit, refining oil and gas all over the world and provide gas, cyclopropyl acetylene and naphtha to other subsidiary company. Most of BASF oversea company are located in Europe and some branch and factory are located in USA, Japan, Argentina, India, Singapore, Egypt and China.


BASF project of annual output of 400000 tons MDI was approved by China government in March, 2011. Total investment will be 8 billion RMB (860 million EURO). The production facility which is used to produce polyurethane foam will bring 300 jobs after operation in 2014.


Customer comment:
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