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ADTO Group takes part in the Fourth Session of Hunan E-Commerce Meeting

Issued at:2015-08-05      Views:1960   


The fourth session of Hunan E-Commerce Meeting was held in Changsha during 13th and 14th of June. And ADTO Group took part in the meeting as the representative of Hunan Billions of Network Operators. During the meeting, Mr You Yanming, the president of ADTO Group made a speech of the cross border e-commerce of industrial products, which mainly introduced and shared group’s ingredients in the business success and how a traditional enterprise makes successfully strategic transformations under the situation of an internet linked business world.

Mr. You introduced many ADTO Group experience in how to join in the internet business, the international trade, and the right way to treat enterprise huge data and crisis, winning a successively wave of applause every now and then. Most of the attending guests expressed their idea making reference to ADTO development mode to when develop their own. 


During this year, the government has attached great importance to the cross border e-commerce and in the executive meeting of state council in June, more favorable conditions have been provided for it as the Premier Li Keqiang has urged the deployment of developing the e-business in a sound and rapid way, promoting upgrading of the open economy. It highlighted to make favorable imports and exports by means of Internet plus international trade, which will help to expand the consumption and promote the upgrade of the open economy. Another economical growth engine will be fostered then.


ADTO has cultivated its own development mode during years of development and experience accumulation. Since 2006, ADTO has entered a partnership with Alibaba and this relation cooperation has lasted for more than decades. The Group has won many reputations and prizes ever since. More than hundreds of clients from Alibaba chose ADTO as their regular provider for construction products with a total trade volume of over 30,000,000 US$.


As Mr You said, the cross border of industrial product e-business has high hazardous ratio of loading, large trading volume with large bulks of goods and large quantity. The most eminent features are the online negotiation and offline settlement of deals with long leading time and various standards for one product. The bottlenecks that confront this business kind are lower credits, jam of logistics along with lagging of talents and capitals behind the development of enterprises. 


How can build a best suitable mode for the industrial enterprises to develop their e-business in the internet times?Mr You gave his answers like this:the industrial companies shall have the fourth revolution in the internet tides, promoting their products on international trade forums and platforms; they shall build large scale storage centers to promote the trade both internally and internationally; also make data sharing base with clients to assure smooth transactions online. All in all, there shall be an integration of the internet, internet of things and the logistic internet.