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Completion of ADTO Aluminum Formwork Engineering Project in Wanda Mei Xihu Jun Project

Issued at:2015-08-05      Views:1544   


In August of 2014, ADTO Group has commenced its aluminum formwork engineering contracts with the Hunan Dong Fanghong Construction Group in Wanke Mei Xijun real estate project. With more than 10 months of day and night tight workings, No. 12th and 15th buildings in this project are completed as scheduled on June, 29th. Another successful application of ADTO aluminum formwork in the construction projects.

Compared with traditional wood formwork, the aluminum formwork can be recycled to use to shorten the working period and speed up the working efficiency. The aluminum formwork is also featured as good stability and high bearing capacity, leaving the construction site with less rubbish. The surface of the concrete after the dismantlement of the formwork is much more even and flat so much more resources can be reduced and saved. In general, the whole construction market will be changed from being dependent on bamboo and wood material. According to the general supervisor of Wanke project, the aluminum formworks are mainly used in the construction of buildings of number 12 and 15 for more than 50 stories, covering an area more than 85,000 sqm. ADTO has sent more than 30 working staff to join in the working flow of construction project to make sure each employee will be paid with more than 10,000 RMB per month.

“In the beginning, our working volume is scheduled to complete one story in five days and then it changed to in four days, which is a large amount of industrial work”. The supervisor also said this project marked the successful starting of the first complete set of ADTO formwork system applied in actual formwork projects. During this project, three of ADTO formwork features come to be more prominent ever since: a lot of cost has been saved and reduced as the roof topping of the two buildings makes use of both the aluminum formwork and timber formwork with the utilization rate of the aluminum amounting to more than 90%; the floating slab, the pressure groove, the corridor column and the door way have been completed with the completion of the main building body at one time without any needs for further treatment; after the dismantlement of the formwork, the ceiling face is clean and tidy enough to save the effort to plaster for a second time.

ADTO aluminum formwork systems have been widely promoted and used in both inland and foreigner building construction projects during recent years of development. This year has witnessed another session of cooperation with Wanke and other top level real estate developers in the field of aluminum formwork projects. Originated from successive innovation, ADTO will continue to adopt new materials, new techniques to module high standard construction mode to occupy a predominant position in the peer market.