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The Eu Central Bank Take RMB into foreign exchange reserves

Issued at:2017-06-30      Views:1714   

The international status of ascension is the trend of The Times, is to promote China's economic influence decisions. The world's major central Banks the renminbi into the reserve currency composition by the European central bank begins, thanks to the good development of china-eu relations in recent years. 

China and the eu share common interests in many aspects and similar positions, china-eu economic and trade complementarities between more than competitive. Both sides in important matters, maintained a good momentum of cooperation, China firmly supports Europe's integration process, support the deal with the crisis, the eu also actively support to include the yuan in the SDR basket, major eu countries willing to fulfill the China's accession to the wto protocol article 15 obligation, in the words of lu zhengwei "relations have entered the" honeymoon period ".

Over the years, the European Union to keep China's largest trading partner, China keeps the eu's second largest trading partner, the eu has been China's largest technology import source. China-eu trade and economic cooperation has a solid foundation, cooperation is very broad, china-eu trade relative balance, growth in China and trade ranking the forefront of the major economies.

American scholars believe that the European central bank hold renminbi assets in foreign exchange reserves, is to use action shows that they watch the Chinese economy and the future of China's currency.British media have said that this reflects the European hope establish wider and more closely with China partnership's intentions.

"The European central bank (see article) sets a good example, release a positive signal to the international market."ZongLiang, said the move to emerging market central Banks and monetary authorities have a demonstration effect. The European central bank's move shows that the yuan may play a role of important supplement of the global liquidity, emerging markets will increase the confidence of the national central Banks and monetary authorities held the yuan, central Banks and monetary authorities of foreign exchange reserve currencies have one more choice, not only conducive to the emerging market liquidity remain stable, but also to the stability of global liquidity.