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Establish the Cooperation Alongside the "one belt one road"

Issued at:2018-07-12      Views:1137   

"Chinese enterprises" going out ", we shall pay more to the value chain of "going out", instead of abroad to buy a team, to buy a hotel, buy a club."Held on October 28 to 29 for the theme of the "China and the world of 19 after the big" China's economy and international cooperation of the annual meeting and the new "wheel of bashan" meeting.
The just concluded nineteen big puts forward the construction of modern economic system. In the big report also specially when it comes to promoting our country high-end climbing problems in the industry to the global value chain, but also the construction of an innovative country put forward the target. In much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" national science and technology innovation plan, also has a high end target industry rising global value chain."

So, I think both the Angle of the construction of modern economic system and the Angle of constructing a creative country, have put forward the problem on industry into the global value chain. In terms of the current, we want to establish a network of international economic cooperation and competition, also want to rely on the global value chain."Yin-xing hong said.

First, through innovation, high-end into global value chain. Now our country's many enterprises is still in the industrial chain of processing and assembling lower-end, must through the innovation into the global value chain of high-end. 

Manufacturing industry of our country can upgrade the spare parts, components, etc, especially in the automotive, aircraft engine, intelligent mobile phone system, etc; Industry chain can also to the logistics, service link, especially with the help of "Internet +", the advantage of cross-border electric business platform. So now, the innovation of the driver should have clear up the global value chain end goal, targeting high-end in the global value chain technology research, master the core technology and key technology on industrial chain high.