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The Recover of the Steel Price Cant Be Seen in A Short Period of Time Due to

Issued at:2018-07-26      Views:1841   

The domestic spot steel prices continue to fall, and losses increased, market trading atmosphere is thin, merchant "had winter" the will of the weak. Imported ore price in rose slightly, but the port inventories continued to rise.

In the latest week, the domestic spot steel prices composite index closed at 149.77 points, down 3.65% in a week. Before, by the national large-scale rain and snow weather, steel market trading volume and prices have dropped significantly. This week opened with the steel city to go low open low, spot steel prices continue to fall sharply, then the market trading atmosphere is very cold and cheerless.

According to the analysis on the architectural hong kong-listed field, the price declines have widened. The main market mainstream varieties of specifications of the rebar average price is 4064 yuan per ton, down 231 yuan a week. Market participants said, although steel prices have been 2 weeks back sharply, but still not "had winter" intend to stimulate the market. Some mainstream domestic ex-factory price of steel mills announced in mid-january, basic it is issued a "drop", tons of the fallen price is in 300 yuan to 300 yuan.

In the plate market, prices are generally continue downward. Of hot-rolled coil prices, the main market mainstream specifications of hot-rolled products market average price is 4199 yuan per ton, down 109 yuan a week. Medium plate prices, the main market mainstream specifications of medium plate an average price of 4166 yuan per ton, down 91 yuan a week.At present, the entire steel market inventory continues to accumulate, increase in expanding, which exacerbated the market's bearish sentiment. 

Coupled with the release of high capacity, a tighter financing area merchants delivery pressure.
The iron ore market overall state of consolidation is trending up.In the domestic ore market, hebei region tiejingfen prices basically stable. The recent steel blast furnace starts gradually picks up, steel procurement of iron essence pink is more positive, good mining shipments. Imported ore prices rose slightly, as of 11, platts 62% grade iron ore index for $79.35 a tons, up $2.25 a week. At the end of mining enterprises overseas delivery speed, the domestic iron ore port stocks continued to climb. And overseas mining shipments are out of season in the first quarter, steel mills in order to meet the spring to return to work after production, stock up on the ore, the ore price form a certain support, so the ore, consolidate the situation.