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ADTO Works with Tianjin Juncheng to Create a World-class Brand Supplier of Galvanized Steel Pipe.

Issued at:2018-10-09      Views:378   

On August 27. Changsha ADTO Physical Union Technology Co. LTD and Tianjin Juncheng Pipeline Industry Group Co. LTD. formally signed the strategic cooperation agreement. The two parties will jointly set up Juncheng Adto International Trade (Tianjin) Co., LTD, which will be committed to the international market development of galvanized pipes, welded pipes, scaffold pipes and other steel pipe products, and to building a world-class brand supplier of galvanized steel pipes.


The joint company will operate under the brand of "Juncheng Adto". And it’s main products include galvanized pipes, welded pipes, scaffold pipes and other pipe products. During the cooperation, ADTO is mainly responsible for establishing the joint venture business team and developing the international market. While Tianjin Juncheng is mainly responsible for establishing the finance team of the joint venture company, providing competitive products and ensuring the delivery of orders. It is estimated that the annual export volume of pipes will be over 200,000 tons by 2020. And the company will become a first-class joint venture in the international steel market integrating manufacturing, trade, warehousing, processing and distribution.


The cooperation is a strong alliance between ADTO and Tianjin Juncheng, which will further promote the sharing of resources and complementary advantages between the two sides. At the same time, it also means that the innovative sharing foreign trade business model proposed by Adto is highly favored. In the future, ADTO and Tianjin Juncheng will cooperate to innovate and set up the model of industrial cooperation, promoting the leap-forward development of China's pipe industry in the global market.