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ADTO Group Semi-annual Conference 2022 Was Held Successfully

Issued at:2022-08-11      Views:202   

On June 30th, ADTO Group Semi-annual Conference and The First 100-Day Battle of 2022 Results Report Conference were held successfully. 

At the beginning of the conference, leaders of each section made a semi-annual summary and reported the plan for the next half year, including ADTO Formwork and Scaffolding, ADTO Business Service, Fudaoju Real Estate, Domestic Scaffolding, Domestic Aluminum Formwork, Domestic Engineering Service, Domestic Building Materials, Domestic Revolving Materials, ADTO Culture, Qiyuan Consulting, etc.

Looking back at the first half of 2022, in face of the increasingly changing and fierce market competition, all the ADTO has risen to the challenge and has made remarkable achievements in the post-pandemic era.

ADTO has reached cooperation with more than 30 contractors, 10 real estate agencies, and 500 distributors. The multi-dimensional barter business model of ADTO has become a powerful help for our partners to sign competitive orders.  Rental funds can be 100% exchanged for mortgaged houses to obtain the priority of the customers' supply chain cooperation. 

At the conference, the heads of each sector signed the target responsibility certificate on site according to the requirements of the business indicators in the second half of 2022 and jointly strengthened the confidence that the mission will be achieved to win the second half of 2022.

You Yanming, chairman and president of ADTO Group, analyzed the current situation and task. He emphasized that we should focus on our products, improve service awareness and pay attention to service results with methods and measures of the barter model; With the pioneering spirit, we should further expand our business scope and turn the crisis in the post-pandemic era into business opportunities; We should strengthen team building and promote all kinds of work to realize new breakthroughs and high-quality development of ADTO Group.