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Wholesale market in B Area, Binjiang

Issued at:2013-07-30      Views:3535   

Project details
Client: Lipu Dafa Real Estate Development Limited       
Contractor: Jiangxi thermal power construction corp.
Location: Lipu, Guangxi 
Project: Wholesale market in B Area, Binjiang
Product applied: frame scaffolding





Project details
The Binjiang wholesale market is a key planned construction project in Lipu County, a principal commercial base alongside the Binjiang road. The market spans over 50mus which will be constructed in four phases, whose contractor is Lipu Dafa Real Estate Development Limited. In this project the ADTO will provide its frame scaffolding internal bracing system along with the frame design and the on-site technical safety administration of the frame scaffolding.

As a large scale state-owned enterprise, Jiangxi thermal power construction corp., a member of China electric power construction group limited, is major in business of power generating and power grid projects construction including the thermal power, power grid, renewable resources and the electronic equipment installation. The Corporation has already been certified with level 1 contractor of electric power construction, level 1 contractor of the pipe engineering projects, level 1 contractor of the electric equipment installation projects, level 1 contractor of the environmental engineering projects and the class A qualification of thermal power adjustment and commissioning.
Customer feedback
Fast in mobility, efficient in erection and dismantlement, saving time and work force.