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Hu Qinglin, a graduate of Wuhan University, majored in International Economics and Trade with bachelor's degree; Then he graduated from Hubei University in Global Economics with an on-the-job mater’s degree. He is a senior economist with advanced professional manager qualification and employed as the MBA off-campus supervisor of Hubei University.

Now he is working as executive vise-president of ADTO Group, taking in charge of the Marketing and Sales System, Procurement and Logistic System, Manufacturing System, R&D System, New Project Development System, HR&Administration System, Aluminum Products Department and Aluminum Labor Service, and also appointed as chairman of the board of supervisors, a core member of strategic operation decision-making committee.

He previously served as advanced PMC manager and production director of Hongyang Industry Co., Ltd., production director of MACAT, vice-president of Changhua Hardware and Plastic, CEO of Jingrui Industry, factory director of Noposion and manager of EHS general management department, CEO of DESEN, CEO of ADTO Tianjin and director of Project Development Center, etc..    

You Quanmin graduated in business administration from Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics with a college degree. Now he is working as vice-president of ADTO, being responsible for the infrastructure of the group project and financial management, and also taking charge of aluminum products factory. Plus, he is appointed as director of ADTO board of directors and core member of the strategic operation decision-making committee.
He previously served as property clerk of House Management Office, CEO of Huixing Steel Trading Company, Executive vice-president of Hengfan Metal Material Co., Ltd., CEO of Hengtai Metal Material Co., Ltd., and vice-president of Hengfan Group, etc..