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Do You Know the Method to Choose the Best Scaffolding Plank?

Issued at:2020-08-26         Views:576 Scaffolding plank is used to provide a standing area for workers or scaffolder. It plays an important role in the scaffolding system. So it is important for us to choose the best scaffolding plank. But how to choose the best scaffolding plank? Today …

What Factors Should Be Look for When Choosing Scaffold Netting?

Issued at:2020-07-17         Views:735 There are several factors that you need to consider when you decide to purchase scaffold netting. Most scaffold netting is made of Polyethylene or HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene), with various factors.

Coronavirus: ADTO Offers Medical Masks to Fight Pandemic

Issued at:2020-05-06         Views:784 As the global spread of COVID-19 accelerates, surgical masks are in short supply. After more than two months of struggling to fight the pandemic, Chinas mask production capacity has been stimulated.Two months ago, masks from different countries were s…

Stay Strong, World! ADTO Is Now Selling Medical Face Masks!

Issued at:2020-05-06         Views:745 With the outbreak of COVID-19, the number of confirmed cases worldwide topped 2 million with 126,754 deaths on Wednesday, according to the latest figures. More than 105 countries have declared a state of emergency, and some countries have even been fo…

ADTO Launches “Hundred Days’ Battle” , Turnover Exceeded Ten Million in Two Days

Issued at:2020-05-06         Views:742 On April 26, 2020, the marketing activity of the "100-day Battle" of ADTO Building Materials Group was officially launched. ADTO business units, subsidiaries, and joint ventures of the marketing sector in charge of hundreds of marketing elit…

Scaffold Netting: Safety Debris Netting

Issued at:2020-04-28         Views:694 Scaffold Netting is made of high-density polyethylene. It is widely used in industry, agriculture, construction, and other fields. In construction sites, it is commonly used to cover the scaffold structure. It is designed to protect workers and pedest…

English Expressions of Scaffolding Components and Parts

Issued at:2020-03-12         Views:860 I always encounter various English vocabulary of scaffolding components at work. The classification is so small and it makes me a headache. Hereby I concluded some general English expressions referred to Google Wikipedia for your reference.

ADTO Gives Priorities to Providing 1000+ Positions to the Children of Coronavirus Medical Staff

Issued at:2020-03-05         Views:1160 Many countries and territories are currently experiencing an active outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus), especially China. Facing the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), a lot of medical staff throughout the country were dispatched to fight the …

The Merits of Using Aluminum Alloy Formwork

Issued at:2020-03-03         Views:231 It weighs less than 19Kg per square meter. The steel formwork weighs 60kg per square meter, while the aluminum formwork weighs less than 20kg. It can be assembled and transferred manually, without relying on hoisting machinery, with wide adaptability,…

Take the New Mission Bravely, Forge Ahead with New Dreams

Issued at:2019-12-31         Views:1201 On December 28, 2019, the 2020 work planning meeting and the annual meeting of ADTO Building Materials Group with the theme of "Take the New Mission Bravely, Forge Ahead with New Dreams" was grandly held in ADTO building, the headquarters of…

President of ADTO Group Was Awarded with the Honorary Title ”Excellent Chu Merchant”

Issued at:2019-12-24         Views:669 On the morning of Dec. 20, the 4th Chushang Conference 2019 opened in Wuhan City. Mr. You Yanming, the chairman of the Hubei Chamber of Commerce in Hunan Province and the president of ADTO Building Material Group was invited to attend the conference.

ADTO@China Engineering Procurement Conference!

Issued at:2019-12-23         Views:1295 ADTO@China Engineering Procurement Conference, ADTO Building Material Comes With the New Foreign Trade Mode!

Large Numbers Show the Harvest Results

Issued at:2019-12-19         Views:1220 ADTO Building Material International Fair, the first international fair hosted by enterprises, has got harvest results.The first five-day ADTO Building Material International Fair has been closed on Dec. 11. The fair gathered the guests both at home a…

The 1st ADTO Building Material International Fair Closed

Issued at:2019-12-13         Views:1285 On the afternoon of Dec. 11th, the result report meeting of the 1st ADTO Building Material International Fair 2019 and the Business Planning 2020 was opened in Wangcheng District.

The 1st ADTO Building Materials International Purchaser Exhibition Opened

Issued at:2019-12-08         Views:1371 The first ADTO Building Materials International Purchaser Exhibition opened successfully on the morning of 2019 December 7th at the headquarters of Hunan ADTO Building Materials Group Co., Ltd.