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The International Sales Department of Aluminum Formwork is established in November, 2014. It is one of the most focused-developing department of the whole group. The product range of the department includes aluminum formwork, aluminum beam, aluminum plank, aluminum ladder, aluminum shoring, accessories, etc. There are sales person to be responsible for each product series. From the establishing of this department, we have succeed to deal with dozens of orders from different countries, with a total gross of more than 20 million US dollars.

The aluminum formwork of ADTO Group has high standard specifications with a big loading ability and being recyclable. As the light weight of the aluminum formwork, no big mechanical equipment will be needed during the process of the construction, the construction can be completed in short period only with laboring work. During 4 days, one floor can be completed. Meanwhile, ADTO aluminum formwork will not produce any architecture waste, no noise pollution. What it can bring is a beautiful, clean and smooth concrete building. ADTO is the very helpful cooperator for the domestic and overseas outstanding architecture companies.


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