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Business School of ADTO Group aims to build one-stop services through the enterprise’s talent echelon, to establish a learning-type organization, to let the training become an effective tool for the launching of group’s strategy. 


Meanwhile we provide a comprehensive solution for the growth and development of social people from all walks of life and outstanding young graduates, to cultivate competitive career winners!


Our vision: to become the first cultivating base for college graduates and excellences from enterprises in China; 

Our mission: to realize socialization for college graduates, improve the professionalism level of enterprise team;

Our purpose: to become the top enterprise college in China, which can greatly help college graduates to realize socialization and can promote the professionalism level of enterprise team; 

We always believe the concept of "ADTO is our home", and we won’t abandon and give up any ADTO member. 


The height of thought will decide the height of life, the speed of learning will decide the speed of growth. ADTO business school not only helps you to earn money, but also improve your ability to make money. 


ADTO Group training mainly includes: management training, skills training, career merits training, etc.