ADTO's Culture

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Mission: Help you sell to the world easily

Vision: International Market Digital Operator

Vision of ADTO Building Materials: Building Materials & Equipment Solutions Provider 

Core Values: Integrity, Innovation, Sharing, Win-Win 

Life Concept: Self-discipline, Low Profile

Behavior Concept: Stay Focused; Keep Improving

Talent Concept: Carry Your Dreams

Product Concept: Quality Shapes Future

Sales Concept: Create More Value for Customers

Working Concept: Enjoy Work; Enjoy Help, Enjoy Suffering, Enjoy Success

3 Principles: 1. Follow the Orders
                     3.Serve for Customers and Colleagues

8 Requirements: 1. Speak Gently
                            2.Respect Others
                            3.Discuss Democratically
                            4.Focus on Practicality
                            5.Claim Tasks Actively
                            6.Assume Responsibility
                            7.Be Law-Abiding
                            8.Long-Term Vision