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You Yanming, born in Jiayu, Hubei, is an entrepreneur now living in Hunan, working as chairman of ADTO Construction Materials Group, Gold Metal Lecturer of ADTO Commercial College, chairman of the Chamber of Commerce in Hunan and Hubei. Striving to enrich himself, You Yanming successively graduated from MBA of Hunan University, CEO Class of Tsinghua University and PDBA Class of Peking University.

Since 1992, Chairman You has entered to the steel industry. In 2002, he set up solely-owned Changsha Hengfan Metal Material Co., Ltd. in Hunan Steel Market.  In 2005, he started scaffolding international business. In 2009, the foreign exchange reached USD3000,000. In 2012, the sales volume amounted to USD8000,000. In 2015, the sales volume amounted to USD200,000,000. ADTO has become the sales champion of China's scaffolding export in a few years and has created a sales myth in the industry. With his forward-looking and pioneering spirit, You Yanming has become an influential man in the industry.

In 2010, ADTO entered to the domestic market of scaffolding. After 5 years’ rapid development, now we own 8 subsidiaries and 4 manufacturing bases, ranking to the top in terms of comprehensive strength, which makes it becomes the leading brand in the industry. Guided by Chairman You, ADTO is stepping forward to global one-stop engineering materials services provider with penetrating and invincible momentum.

He was awarded as “Leader of Formwork Scaffolding Industry” in 2012, “Outstanding Communist of Hunan Development and Reform Commission of 2011” and “ Top Ten Rising Stars of Hunan Entrepreneurs” of 2011. In 2013, he was honored as “Model Worker of Jiayu County” and “Communist Demonstration Unit”; Then he was honored as “ The Most Admired Entrepreneur for China Professional Manager of 2015”. Those honors and glories were reported by numerous media and magazines.

Over the years, he led the team to create employment opportunities and engage in public welfare services. As the footprints spread across over 20 provinces, the company has offered more than 2000 employment positions, and the income of employees has had an average annual increase of 30%. As the first charity fund in the scaffolding industry, the“ADTO Building Charity Fund”, initiated by Chairman You, is a special fund used to help staff who are injured or disabled accidentally as well as the group who are in difficulties, which makes great influence in society.


Social Honors

In Feb. 2012, awarded as Outstanding Communist of Hunan Development and Reform Commission of 2011.

In Apr. 2012, elected as Top Ten Rising Stars of Hunan Entrepreneurs of 2011.

In Jul. 2012, Thanksgiving Culture Special Fundestablished, and Chairman You was the initiator.

In 2013, honored as Worker Model of Jiayu County.

In 2013, elected as chairman of the Hubei chamber of commerce.

In 2013, elected as the fifth director of China Capital Construction Materials Lease and Contract Association.

In Nov. 2013, awarded Leader of Formwork Scaffolding Industry.

In Sept. 2014, elected as the executive vice-chairman of the Hunan E-commerce Association.

In Sept. 2014, Chairman You initiated Filial Piety Organization to spread the filial piety culture.

In Oct. 2015, honored as The Most Admired Entrepreneur for China Professional Manager of 2015.

In Nov. 2015, started and launched ADTO Building Charity Fund

In Mar. 2016, elected as vice-chairman of China Socket Ringlock Scaffolding Quality Association.