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Suggestions Should Be Remember When Buying New Scaffolding

Issued at:2021-02-04         Views:20 Scaffolding is a necessary tool in the construction industry. There are several factors should be considered when you purchase new scaffolding.

How to Reduce Common Hazards Threaten Scaffold Safety?

Issued at:2021-01-18         Views:544 As the data shows in a study by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), there are 72% of workers get injured in scaffold accidents due to the scaffold plank or acrow props collapse, or the workers’ slipping or being struck by a falling object.Scaff…

ADTO Business Union Joins Hands With Strategic Partners: Jinlong Cable and Songyang Smart Water to H

Issued at:2020-12-17         Views:57 Recently, ADTO Business Union has reached strategic cooperation with Jinlong Cable, Songyang Smart Water, Qingan Electric, Ganxi Transformer, Tianren Installation (in no particular order), etc.

ADTO Works With Jinhai Group, ROBAM and Other Partners to Help You Easily Do Projects

Issued at:2020-12-10         Views:66 At the beginning of December, ADTO Business Union added more powerful partners in supply chain resources: Jinhai Group, ROBAM Electric Appliance, Etian Intelligent, Jiangnan Cable, Hengfei Cable, etc.

ADTO Cooperated with Geto Group and Shanghai Chengfeng

Issued at:2020-12-09         Views:54 At the end of November, ADTO added new members to its supply chain resources -- Geto Group, Shanghai Chengfeng, Xinjian Han, and Leming Building Materials, etc., and joined hands to contribute to the construction of a better city in the future.

Do You Know What is ADTO Debris Netting?

Issued at:2020-12-04         Views:554 Debris Netting is made from UV stabilized polyethylene monofilaments. By using this kind of material, debris net creates an open mesh shape netting. Construction debris net is mainly used on scaffolding systems to keep rubbishes or debris controlled o…

ADTO Cooperated with Mentian Wooden Door, Dulux Paint!

Issued at:2020-11-27         Views:63 At the beginning of November, ADTOs supply chain resources were added to the top brands in China, such as Mengtian Wood Door, Dulux Paint, Goldea wood industry, AUPU Bath Heater, etc., which injected new power into the establishment of ADTOs one-stop …

Safety Nets For Fall Protection

Issued at:2020-11-25         Views:580 Safety nets must be installed as close as possible under the working platform on which employees are working but in no case more than 30 feet below. When using safety nets on bridges, the potential fall area must not be obstructed. And also, safety ne…

ADTO Cooperated With Champion Tile, Kinsyoma Tile, to Help You Do Projects Easily

Issued at:2020-11-18         Views:65 Open cooperation for win-win outcomes. ADTO Business Unions strategic partners, joint ventures, and supply chain systems are becoming powerful. Since the launch of the innovative business model of ADTO Business Union, a large number of customers and p…

Do You Know the Benefits of Using Rebar Couplers? Time:2020/11/17

Issued at:2020-11-17         Views:583 Rebar couplers are using to connect two threaded rebars. As time going, rebar couplers have replaced the traditional lap joint splicing. And now, more and more engineers are specifying mechanical rebar connection over lap splices. People have found th…
ADTO Group Cooperated with Chinese Famous Sanitary Brands Jomoo and Horow

ADTO Group Cooperated with Chinese Famous Sanitary Brands Jomoo and Horow

Issued at:2020-11-09         Views:60 In the past few days, Changsha ADTO Business Union Technology Co.Ltd respectively signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Jiangsu Sunda Cosco Electric Power Technology Co. LTD, Jiangsu Youshide Electric Appliance Co. LTD, Hunan Xijian Smart Home…

What is Ringlock Scaffolding and Why Ringlock Scaffolding is So Hot?

Issued at:2020-11-02         Views:579 When it comes to buying a reliable and adaptable scaffolding system, ringlock scaffolding has become a hot choice nowadays.Ringlock scaffolding, like other types of scaffolding systems, such as Cuplock scaffolding and Kwikstage scaffolding, is a kind …

The 128th Canton Fair Ended With Success

Issued at:2020-10-30         Views:600 The form is changing, while the original intention is not. On Oct. 24, the 128th Online Canton Fair came to a successful end. It is reported that there are nearly 26,000 exhibitors had attended the Canton Fair on the same stage. The total number of ex…

The Comparison of Ringlock Scaffolding Construction and Conventional Scaffolding Construction

Issued at:2020-10-30         Views:600 Scaffolding is an important construction tool. Since the 1960s, due to the advantages of simple processing, convenient handling, strong universality, tubular scaffolding has been commonly widely used in China, accounting for the vast majority of the t…

How Many Types For the API Couplings?

Issued at:2020-10-29         Views:585 There are several types covered in API 5CT standard for coupling specifications, classified in regular couplings, special clearance couplings, combination couplings, reducing couplings, seal ring couplings, and special bevel tubing regular couplings.