ADTO Aluminum Formwork

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ADTO Aluminum Formwork has advanced aluminum alloy formwork production equipment and assembly line, 100,000 square meters of production and assembly base, and over 100 professional design and technical service staff. Applying patented technology for systematic and modular production, its annual production capacity reaches 600,000 square meters.

ADTO provides a complete range of aluminum formwork products including Aluminum Formwork Panel & Accessories, Aluminum Beam, Hollow PP board.

ADTO Aluminum Formwork features 300 times of reuse,  4 days/floor, only 23 kg/sqm, easy assembly and disassembly, cost and labor-saving.

Concrete pouring fair-faced wall, with a smooth surface, no need for plastering, very suitable for high-rise buildings and villas.

As a new type of energy-saving and environmental protection building material, ADTO Aluminum Formwork is widely praised in global market for its advantages of short construction period, high reusability, low cost, and high quality,

ADTO has over 8000 customers in nearly 100 countries and regions. We have established long-term strategic cooperative relationship with many excellent engineering enterprises at home and abroad.