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When China the warring states period Qin Xiaogong got the general Shang Yang to achieve the strong Qin Empire. Today, global integration tide surging, building materials industry big stride development, in the field of global engineering supplies, 70% supplies of China's engineering products occupy the dominant position.Leading enterprise in China construction materials scaffolding China's first brand ADTO group since its establishment committed to building the world's most competitive service center of engineering materials. For the realization of the "global engineering center" dream, ADTO group chairman You YanMing seeking all talents from all over the world to built a popular and excellence enterprise.

ADTO group gone to the scaffolding industry in 2010. After only 4 years struggling development, it has leapt to become the champion in scaffolding export in China, and the world's first manufacturer of steel planks, it is also the leading brands of Chinese scaffolding and aluminum formwork. Group's annual export volume is nearly 100 million US dollars and the existing staff is close to a thousand of people, the business scope covers more than 50 countries and regions. Group always adhering to the purpose of providing customers with the most security and competitive products and service of construction materials. It initiates to reflect employer’s value with their achievement and return them with wealth.  Compliance with corporate core values with keeping a lower profile and doing a highly acclaimed job. It aims to provide customers with the highest quality products, the most suitable for employees customized career path.


AS resource integration and business opportunity explosion in today’s society, company competitiveness depends on the competitiveness of talented person. ADTO GROUP is daringly creative and using 020 internet thoughts in 2014, aiming to make ADTO GROUP become a leading group enterprise which can provide all construction companies materials, equipment, and best service both at home and abroad. There are more than 30 construct production business units in ADTO GROUP, which are motivated by a system of organization that the staff can using the profits or achievements to buy original net asset of company. Our stock rights encouragement method is “if you make 1 yuan profit right now, you can benefit 3 yuan as rewards in the future.” We will create plenty millionaires, even multimillionaires in coming 3 years. Our chairman Mr. You Yanming with the board of directors are inviting the talented salesmen and managers to join us to discuss development plans in our group. High rewards will be paid to those who can shoulder big responsibilities and make great contributions to company.


ADTO GROUP will never stop the steps of creativeness and development. To be rich together is our final target. Come on and join us, we will make great efforts together to become the most competitive construction materials supply center enterprise in global.