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1.Q: What is the effect of the brace cross in the Scaffolding System?

A: Avoiding the longitudinal deformation of the Scaffolding System and increasing the integral stiffness of the structure. 


2.Q: What is the safety rules when there are external circuit on the outside of the Scaffolding System?

A: It is not allowed to erect the upstream and downstream scaffolding ramp on the side of external circuit.


3.Q: Whether the Scaffolding can connect with the discharging platform?

A: No, should be erect an independent discharging platform.


4. Q: What kind of tubes banned from erecting scaffolding ?

A: Badly corroded, deformed, bended and with cracked surface steel pipes.  


5.Q: What kind of couplers cannot be used ?

A: Any cracked, deformed, loosen and slipped cannot be used.


6.Q: What signs should be hung on the unloading platform?

A: The reminder board of limit loading.


7.Q: The erection height of frame system scaffolding should not be commonly beyond how many meters?

A: Should not beyond 45M.


8.Q: If contact load-bearing wire rope of hanging basket with safety wire rope, there must be at least three rope clips?

A: Wrong. As there are difference rope used for difference applications.


9.Q: What are the safety requirements when the lifting frame goes up or down?

A: Forbidding anyone to stand on the frame.


10.Q: What is the first safe installation of the winding mvery singleine?

A: Installed fall prevention and capsized.


11.Q: Hanging basket scaffold must be equipped with what safe protection installation?

A: Brake, limit, safe lock, prevent tilt, overload maintenance installation.


12. Q:What are the requirements for the hanging basket scaffolding?

(1) The appropriate weight should be equipped to the hanging equipment or the trolley.

(2) The weight should be accurately and securely equipped to the weight point, and sufficient quantity. Before it is put into usage, the hanging basket scaffolding should be double checked by the safety inspectors.

(3) The anti-overturning moment coefficient equals to the weight forward torque 

ratio, the ratio shall be not less than 2.


13. Q:what anti-skid measure should be applied to step ladder?

A: This measure should have button to consolidate and zip to limit extension, which apply to slippery ground.


14. Q:Is it acceptable to mix steel and bamboo scaffolding together? Why?

A: Not acceptable. The basic requirements for scaffolding is no shake, no distortion and stable after the whole scaffolding is under loading. The node of the standards are the key points for transmission of the load. For mix scaffolding, no reliable banding material, causing node relaxation, the scaffolding will easily become deformed.


15. Q:In which stage, the scaffolding and its foundation should be checked?


(1) After completion of the foundation and before the erection of scaffolding; 

(2) Before the loading is put to the job level;

(3) After  the erection of 10-13m height;

(4) In case after six level winds and heavy rain, freezing cold areas;

(5) After reaching the design height;

(6) After stopping using for over one month.


16. Q: Which protective equipment should be worn for scaffolding erection personals?

A: a helmet, seatbelt, non-slip shoes.


17. Q: When the scaffolding is under usage, which parts are strictly not allowed to be dismantled?


(1)The main points of the longitudinal and horizontal pipes; the bottom horizontal and vertical tube 

(2) wall connecting pieces.


18. Q: What is the requirements for the scaffolding erection personals?

A: Scaffolding erection personnel must be qualified professional scaffolders, who has the certificate which is get through passing the test of current national standard Special Operations Personnel Security Technology.


19. Q: In the book Frame Scaffolding Safety Technology Standard, What requirements do it mentioned to the scissors braces for the Frame scaffolding?


(1) When the scaffolding height is over 20m, a new scaffolding equipment should be set outside of the scaffolding ;
(2) The angle of the scissors braces with the ground should be 45 degrees to 60 degrees, the width of the scissors should be 4-8m;

(3) Scissors braces should using couplers and pipes, making sure they are fastened tightly together;
(4) When the scissors braces are to be added to longer length, the joint parts should be no less than 600mm, and two couplers should be used together at the joint parts. 


20. Q:For the erection of frame scaffolding, what requirements do it have to the scaffolding verticality and horizontal deviation?
A: The verticality tolerance of scaffolding should be within 1/600 and ± 50mm of the total height of the scaffolding; same requirements to the horizontal deviation.


21. Q:what is the requirement to an outside scaffolding and a decorative scaffolding?

A: The load of an outside scaffolding should not exceed 270kg / m2, adecorated scaffolding should not exceed 200kg / m2.