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Hubei ADTO Aluminum Formwork Sends Warmth to the Old in Welfare House

Issued at:2019-01-29      Views:641   

On January 26, 2019. Mr. Lei, the general manager of ADTO Aluminum Formwork came to the welfare house which is located in Guanqiao Town, Jiayu County to send the new years greeting to the old. 

Hubei ADTO has donated to Guanqiao welfare house at the beginning or end of the year for ten consecutive years since 2010.


“Gratitude and Altruism” is the life philosophy of ADTO GROUP. Over the years, ADTO GROUP has taken giving back to the society as its bounden duty and has been dedicated to helping vulnerable groups such as the elderly, the lonely and the disabled. The development of enterprises cannot be separated from the support of all walks of life. ADTO GROUP will also continue to practice its corporate responsibility and pass on the culture of gratitude.